The "Country CafĂ©" is now closed.  Effective February 1, 2014.  

Airport Manager
304-738-0002 x-11

Potomac Highlands Airport Authority
FBO Providing fueling, catering, ramp services, and courtesy services.
Call 304-738-0002 x-16

Potomac Highlands Airport Authority Maintenance Shop
- Major and Minor Aircraft and Engine Repairs
- Aircraft Annuals & Inspections
- Paintshop Services
John Long (A&P)
Call 301-876-5407

Meeting Facilities
Executive Meeting Facilities (20 Capacity) and Observational Meeting Room (60 Capacity) are available.
Contact Airport Manager at 304-738-0002 x-11 for details.

EAA Chapter 426
Fly-In / Drive In Breakfast
Chapter 426 Secretary
Bernie Frank
Call 814-784-3576

Cumberland Soaring Group
Introductory Sailplane Flights
Flight Instruction & FAA flight examinations
Five Club-owned gliders and a tow plane
Monthly meeting/cookout - last Saturday of month at 6 PM
   Marvin Holland - or 304-788-0403
   Michael Fitch - or 814-458-2639
   Club Hangar - 304-738-2233 (weekend afternoons, weather permitting)